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Sahārā; Gurmukhi: ਸਹਾਰਾ; means to provide refuge, shelter or support.

Gurmukhi is a script that was developed, standardized and used by the second Sikh GuruGuru Angad Dev Ji (1504-1552). Commonly regarded as a Sikh script, Gurmukhi is used in Punjab as the official script of the Punjabi language.

The primary scripture of Sikhi, the Guru Granth Sahib, is written in Gurmukhi in various dialects and languages often subsumed under the title 'Sant Bhasha' or 'Saint Language.'




The Sahara Effect is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in paid advertising, web & graphic design, copywriting, and brand strategy. We focus on supporting our client's digital marketing needs. Our ethos is that meaningful relationships are built through authentic and engaging experiences – and those experiences begin the moment your business first reaches a customer.

We work closely with you to drive your business forward in a way that is sustainable, achievable and tailored to you – and with a level of personal attention that you’ll only find in a boutique marketing agency.


Are you tired of feeling like you’re not attracting your ideal customers?

Without strategic branding and web design, you risk blending in with the competition and missing out on sales. Our services will help grow your business by attracting customers who feel truly connected to your brand.

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